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Privacy Integral
Chain Unified
ZKT Network is a cross-chain compliance infrastructure platform, focusing on integrating compliant privacy transactions for all blockchains.
Effortless Compliance in Transactions
ZKT Network offers a multi-chain compliance infrastructure, focusing on regulatory compliance across all blockchains. We ensure every transaction not only meets industry standards and regulatory requirements but also maintains privacy. Our approach provides the necessary security and compliance assurance for asset movements within the decentralized finance ecosystem, making blockchain transactions safer and more reliable for everyone involved.
Cross-Chain Asset Access
Explore a boundless world of crypto assets. With zkUSD's cross-chain technology, effortlessly access and manage assets across different blockchains, enabling true asset interoperability and value transfer.
AML Ai Solution
Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, ZKT provides a robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution. Our system is designed to detect and prevent financial crimes, ensuring safe and compliant transactions.
How it work
News & Articles

1 Dec 2023# Blog

Linea Spotlights ZKT's Impact in DeFi Evolution

Linea recognizes ZKT's role in reshaping Decentralized Finance, offering a pioneering stablecoin that merges regulatory compliance with privacy on Layer 3.

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6 Nov 2023# News

ZKT Joins the Inaugural Consensys Fellowship Program

ZKT is among the first cohort of startups in the Consensys Fellowship Program, set to innovate in Ethereum and web3. This program supports groundbreaking startups, with ZKT poised to contribute significantly to web3's evolving landscape.

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28 Sep 2023# News

ZKT Enters the NAVH 2023 Finale

ZKT reaches the NAVH 2023 Finale, highlighting its impact in the DeFi sector and potential for transforming financial transactions with enhanced security and privacy.

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The Roadmap
How ZKT helps you
ZKT is a public blockchain platform focusing on privacy-compliant transactions. Within its ecosystem, it includes zkUSD, a stablecoin designed for secure transactions. ZKT uses zero-knowledge proof technology to balance transactional privacy with adherence to global compliance standards. zkUSD serves as a practical and user-friendly digital currency option within the ZKT ecosystem, aimed at providing a straightforward stablecoin experience while ensuring privacy and compliance in transactions.
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Empowering Privacy and Stability in the Web3 Era